Chicken Vindaloo , an Indian curry dish with Portuguese influence
Chicken makhnie (makhani), an Indian style butter chicken cooked in tomato, butter, herbs, and spices.
Pista Kalufi, traditional Indian ice cream made with assorted nuts and cream.
Gajar Halwa, an Indian pudding made with carrots simmered in milk.
Gulab Halwa, Indian milked-based sweets.
Vegetable Kofta, Indian deep-fried vegetable balls mixed with spices.
Vegetable Briyani, made with a variety of basmati rice and delicate spices.
Chicken Risme Kebab, boneless chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt, garlic, and ginger.
Ghazal Restaurant, Johannesburg based restaurant that is family friendly and fits a variety of occasions.
Ghazal restaurant, offers an authentic Indian food experience.
Ghazal restaurant offers an intimate date night experience with an exotic Indian menu.
An outdoor Indian restaurant experience in Johannesburg.
Chicken tikka, grilled pieces of chicken cooked in a richly flavoured tomato gravy.
Paneer Tikka, a vegetarian variant of a protein-based tikka made of Indian cottage cheese and spices.
Potato fritters, made with potatoes, cheese and a medley of spices.
Samosa, a fried savoury filling dish that comes in a chicken, mince and vegetable variation.
Indian cuisine restaurant with ambient lighting and a cozy interior.
Intimate booth seating at Indian cuisine Ghazal restaurant in northern Johannesburg.
Ghazal restaurant's menu is complemented by a wide range of wines, other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
Indian style queen prawns prepared with mustard seeds, whole red chillies and a variety of spices.
Ghazal restaurant offers a variety of naan bread to pair with their different Indian dishes, the variations include garlic, butter, and Kashmiri.